Bob Capano is the Chairman of the Brooklyn Reform Party and authors the bi-weekly “Right View” column in the Brooklyn Courier-Life newspapers. He has lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for almost his entire life, with an impressive record of community service.


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  • Barkan up the wrong tree: The slippery slope candidate Ross is walking down

    One week after journalist-turned-politician Ross Barkan attacked Andrew Goundardes for accepting the Reform Party endorsement, Bob Capano, who heads the party, barks back. By Bob Capano. Published in the Brooklyn Courier Life. Today, campaigns for office are sometimes more about […]

  • Canarsie Courier: Reform Party Flexing Its Brooklyn Muscles

    Under the stewardship of NY State Chairman Curtis Sliwa and Kings County Chairman Bob Capano, the state’s Reform Party has been mixing it up on the issues with other political parties and getting serious contenders in place for this fall’s elections.

  • Winners and losers in Dan Donovan’s big win

    Over the past few months, the Republican congressional primary between incumbent Dan Donovan and Michael Grimm was in the spotlight, not only in Brooklyn and Staten Island, but throughout the nation. There were contentious debates, tweets from President Trump, contrasting polls, and fierce competition between supporters of both men.

  • At the Fort Hamilton Army Base, the law is the law

    On June 1, Brooklyn’s Fort Hamilton Army Base was thrust into the national immigration debate when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement were contacted because workers there discovered that Pablo Villavicencio had a warrant for his deportation.

    While many have attacked Fort Hamilton for its actions, staff there were merely doing their duty and following the law. I do not think anyone takes any joy in seeing a devoted husband and father separated from his family. However, to suggest anyone at Fort Hamilton acted inappropriately is wrong.

  • It is time to reform our community boards

    Last week, a longtime Community Board 6 District Manager Craig Hammerman was accused of forging signatures to give himself unauthorized raises of more than $38,000 between May, 2015 and October, 2017. After 27 years on the job, he now faces up to seven years in prison.

  • Mayor de Blasio Plan to Open Legal Heroin Shoot-Up Galleries in Neighborhoods Blasted

    After being safely re-elected, the Mayor is moving forward with his plan for Supervised Heroin Injection Facilities.

  • Randa Jarrar and the problem with America

    “The Right View,” published in the Brooklyn Courier-Life What would happen if Michelle Obama passed away and I tweeted “I’m happy the witch is dead” and am glad that Barack Obama “is really sad right now,” while serving as a […]

  • Brooklyn Reform Party Endorses Naomi Levin in Southwest Brooklyn Congressional Race

    The Kings County Reform Party endorsed Republican Naomi Levin for the 10th congressional district, which includes parts of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, and Borough Park, as well as parts of Manhattan. Levin will appear on the Reform, Republican, and […]

  • Going to extremes: These proposed laws stink!

    NYC Council members have introduced a flurry of legislation that is even more ludicrous than usual — even by their standards.

  • Oakland’s sanctuary city mayor should be arrested

    On Saturday, Feb. 24, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf broke the law when she warned criminals on Twitter that U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement was going to start rounding up illegal aliens in the Bay Area “in the next 24 hours.” So Mayor Schaaf should be arrested.

  • Rikers Island: The Perfect Place for a Jail (Op-Ed)

    If one had to imagine the perfect jail, it would probably include high fences, lots of barbed wire, swift currents, and only one way on or off — a bridge. These are the characteristics of Rikers Island.

  • Capano: Manhattan DA’s plan for subway fare cheats is insane

    Manhattan subway riders may be giving serious thought to jumping the turnstile these days. District Attorney Cy Vance announced that, effective this month, his office will no longer prosecute fare beaters unless there is an open warrant or a past violent felony conviction. Vance’s unilateral decision that this violation is no longer serious enough to enforce is an open invitation to start riding the subways for free, especially with how dissatisfied New Yorkers are with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

  • NYC Heroin Centers blasted by Leading Opponent

    A leading opponent of creating “Supervised Injection Facilities” in New York City, which would allow addicts to legally shoot up in local communities, today blasted City Hall for moving forward with the proposal after it was reported that the NYPD and the Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene are in talks about opening these controversial centers.

  • Op-Ed: Legal Injection Centers are not the answer to Opioid Crisis

    The opioid crisis is infecting all of our communities at an alarming rate. More families than ever are impacted by drug addiction. There were almost 64,000 drug overdose deaths in 2016, with two-thirds of them related to opioids such as heroin, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This was the most lethal year yet in the drug epidemic and it is getting worse.

  • Capano on radio blasts NYC Heroin Centers and explains his agenda

    Bob Capano, the newly elected Reform Party Chairman of Kings County, appeared on the latest edition of The Vito and Vito Show this week to discuss his intentions as Chairman and the issues he would be focusing on most. Capano, a former […]

  • Capano Elected Chair of Brooklyn Reform Party

    NYS Chairman Curtis Sliwa: “Capano will empower Brooklyn voters to be a counter-weight to the entrenched party machines.”

    There is a new political party on the block in Brooklyn. On Saturday, the Kings County Reform Party was formally established, and Bay Ridgeite Bob Capano was unanimously elected Chairman.

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Tell Cy Vance: Prosecute Fare Beaters!

Join Bob and the Brooklyn Reform Party in urging our District Attorneys to prosecute fare beaters.