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Bob Scores Knockout at Republican City Council Debate New Leadership

At the debate, I highlighted the 3 key differences with my two GOP opponents:

1. I am the only candidate with extensive real-world private sector experience. I manage a business with over 50 employees and know first-hand what it means to meet a budget, make a payroll, and deal with the constant headache of excessive city, state, and federal red tape and regulations. I was also a high school social studies teacher at St. Edmund’s Preparatory High School in ‘Brooklyn. My GOP opponents have only worked in government and collected a salary on the taxpayers’ dime for most or all of their lives.

2. I am a life-long Republican. My two opponents recently switched to the GOP to run for this seat.

3. I have endorsed Nicole Malliotakis for Mayor and asked my opponents to join me in supporting her for our Party’s nomination. They remained silent, refusing to endorse their own Republican Assemblymember for Mayor. That’s sad and wrong!


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