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Capano Calls On City to Refund $4 Mill to Motorists Capano for Council

City Has Sat On Refund for a Year!

Mayor Needs to Fulfill Fiduciary Responsibility

Capano Calls Bureaucratic Incompetence “Outrageous”

Calls On Comptroller & City Council to Investigate

Bob Capano, the leading Republican candidate for Brooklyn’s 43rd Council District (Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach, Bensonhurst) and a champion of preserving Brooklyn’s neighborhoods, called on Mayor de Blasio and his administration to “get on the ball and fulfill your fiduciary responsibility by immediately refunding $ 4 million in wrongful parking fines owed to city motorists.”

The $4 million represent fines for parking tickets issued in error for cars parked in front of mid block pedestrian ramps/curb cuts that do not have painted crosswalks or a traffic control device. Though formerly illegal, an amendment to the law took effect in 2009 to permit parking. For some reason the amendment was never properly explained to police officers, parking agents and judges, who were all enforcing the law incorrectly; resulting in $165 parking fines for each violation. A year ago, city officials promised a quick refund to motorists. On April 19th, the New York Post reported that in fact, only 2 refunds totaling $360 had been sent to motorists.

Bob Capano said, “Once again we are witnessing the clueless bureaucratic incompetence of Mayor de Blasio and his administration. The Mayor and the city’s Finance Department needs to get on the ball and fulfill their fiduciary responsibility by immediately refunding $4 million dollars in wrongful parking fines owed to city motorists.

“Talk about adding insult to injury; it’s simply outrageous and inexcusable that, over the course of a year, the Finance Department has only refunded $360. One has to wonder what other financial matters they are screwing up! Myself and millions of other Americans file our taxes each year and somehow, the dreaded and much maligned IRS manages to process my return and send me a refund check within a matter of weeks. The New York City Finance Department is obviously asleep at the wheel.

“Today, on behalf of the car owners and taxpayers in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst, I call on New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer and the City Council’s Committee on Finance to investigate the lack of action by the Department of Finance and the de Blasio administration.”

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