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Capano Stands Alone Supporting NYS Constitutional Convention at 43rd City Council Forum

Capano: "Our Government Needs Reform & Career Politicians Like My Opponents Want to Maintain the Status Quo So the People Must Act"

Yesterday, Bob Capano the Reform Party candidate for Brooklyn’s 43rd City Council District (Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach, Bensonhurst) stood alone in supporting a New York State Constitutional Convention at a candidate forum sponsored by the Bay Ridge Council on Aging at the Fort Hamilton Senior Center in Bay Ridge.

While candidates Justin Brannan and John Quaglione opposed the convention in response to the moderator’s question, Capano said, “Our government needs reform and career politicians, like both my opponents, want to maintain the status quo so the people must act. Like the American constitutional convention of 1787 that led to the world’s greatest example of democracy, a state constitutional convention is the best opportunity for reform because it would be called for, and run by the people directly. New York State needs term limits, and we know the career Albany crowd will never impose term limits on themselves, and this is exactly why we need a convention. We also need initiative and referendum, and to ease ballot access. One should not need an army of lawyers to get through the petitioning process to be on the ballot. Entrenched incumbents benefit from making it as difficult as possible for newcomers to challenge them so they have no interest in these changes either.”

Curtis Sliwa, Chairman of the NYS Reform Party and strong supporter of the constitutional convention stated, “Opponents of the convention are frightening voters into what changes could happen that would adversely affect particular unions or interest groups. Simply, whether or not to vote to approve a constitutional convention or not comes down to hope versus fear of the unknown. We can’t hope any longer that the career Albany politicians will do the right thing to reform and improve our government. We must have faith in the people. Bob Capano is the only candidate in this race that is not a career politician so it is not surprising that he is the only one supporting this convention to implement needed reforms to our government.”

Capano is the political outsider in the race. He runs a Gristedes supermarket and has been an adjunct Professor of Political Science for over 15 years with the City University of New York.

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