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Correction Officers Are Right! Keep Jails on Rikers Island

Capano Questions if de Blasio & Viverito Have ANY Common Sense

Bob Capano, a strong supporter of law enforcement and the leading Republican City Council Candidate for the 43rd District (Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach) today applauded Elias Husamudeen, President of the New York City Corrections Officer Benevolent Association (COBA), for “speaking out for all common sense New Yorker’s who don’t want a city jail located in their neighborhood.”

On Sunday, during an interview on the Cat’s Roundtable Radio Show, Husmudeen said, “The guy that shot the 5-year-old, you want him in a jail next door to the mother, to the father? You want him in the community, the one that raped the old lady? You want him next door?…..If five inmates escape, guess where they are – they’re right on the streets. If five inmates escape out of one of the ten jails on Rikers Island, they’re not in the community, they’re on the island, and we’re going to get them before they leave the island.”

City Council candidate Bob Capano said, “Today, I want to thank COBA President Elias Husamudeen for speaking on behalf of all common sense New Yorker’s who don’t want a city jail located in their neighborhood. The men and women of COBA know first hand the inmates that populate the New York City Jails and as Elias Husamudeen correctly points out; if they escape from a Rikers Island facility a dangerous prisoner is still contained on a heavily secured island and not roaming the streets of our neighborhoods.

“Mayor de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito simply don’t get it, don’t they have any common sense? Rikers Island is surrounded by high fences, lots of barb wire, swift currents, and has one way on or off, a bridge. That’s what anyone with common sense would call a good location for a jail. Facilities at Rikers may need to be improved, but, that can be achieved with temporary facilities and a phased redevelopment plan.

“In the City Council, I will lead the fight to stop the Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Viverito’s ill-conceived plan to locate jails throughout the 5 boroughs. It concerns me that the 2 most powerful elected officials in New York City government would support a plan that puts our law abiding citizens at risk. We need to end this lunacy now; that’s why I’m running for the City Council.”

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