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Former Brooklyn GOP & Reform NYC Council Candidate: Open Station Exit Doors to Make it Easier for Fare Beaters


In response to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance announcing that his office will no longer prosecute turnstile jumping in Manhattan subways, a former Republican and Reform Party City Council candidate says the MTA should just open the exit doors in stations to make it easier for fare beaters.

In an interview with Politico, Chief Manhattan District Attorney Karen Friedman Agnifilo complained that the NYPD was arresting too many people for fare beating “so we said to them, ‘We are no longer in the process of prosecuting fare beating.'” Instead, Manhattan prosecutors will “DTP,” or decline to prosecute these cases.

Politico: Manhattan DA will no longer prosecute turnstile jumping

Bob Capano, a former Brooklyn Republican and Reform Party candidate in last year’s 43rd City Council district race who made opposition to ending “broken windows” policing a cornerstone of his campaign stated, “In Manhattan, we may as well just open the exit doors at stations to make it easier for fare beaters. At a time when New York City leaders are begging the state for more money for our subways, they are implementing a policy that will lead to less revenue for the MTA. You do not need a degree from Harvard to know that if there is no prosecution for fare beating, more people will just jump the turnstile to ride for free. Maybe if the MTA opens the exit doors and all those who ride the subways in Manhattan go through them and jump the turnstiles, the lunacy of this policy will become evident. It has been proven, including this past weekend, that enforcement of turnstile jumping often leads to nailing criminals with dangerous records and warrants. If the NYPD knows there will be no prosecution in Manhattan, why wouldn’t they look the other way?”

Capano also has been an adjunct Professor of Political Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice for over 15 years and is the Chairman of the Kings County Reform Party.

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