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John Jay Professor Calls it Quits because of College Bias Against Right

Bob Capano: "I will Not Return to Teaching at John Jay Because of Their Clear Bias"


According to a recent published report, John Jay College of Criminal Justice President Karol Mason has decided that the institution will not accept donations from conservative activists like the Koch brothers because of wide-spread campus opposition. Saying “enough is enough” with the bias at the CUNY campus, Bob Capano, who has served as an adjunct Political Science Professor there for over 15 years, stated he will not seek a return to his position.

Capano, who was also a Republican and Reform Party candidate in last year’s hotly contested race in Brooklyn’s 43rd City Council district stated, “Enough is enough. I will not return to teaching at John Jay because of their clear bias. This City University of New York institution must realize its obligation to provide students with an objective learning environment. Saying no to donations from individuals who happen to support conservative causes while employing an instructor who says it is ‘a privilege to teach future dead cops’ is ridiculous and taxpayers which support CUNY should be outraged.”

Capano was referring to economics adjunct Professor Michael Isaacson and his many anti-police comments including stating, “The solution to American gun violence is more dead cops” and it is “a privilege to teach future dead cops”.

Progressive icon Linda Sarsour, who has a history of making anti-Semitic remarks, has also been permitted to speak at the campus, Capano added. “To welcome and embrace someone with Sarsour’s vile, far-left record, while refusing to accept contributions from the Koch brothers because they also support conservative causes is the height of hypocrisy.”

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