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NYC Heroin Centers blasted by Leading Opponent

Capano: "Mayor de Blasio Should Not Showcase His Progressive Bona Fides by Making Us The First City in the United States to Open Taxpayer Funded Shooting Galleries for Heroin Users"

A leading opponent of creating “Supervised Injection Facilities” in New York City, which would allow addicts to legally shoot up in local communities, today blasted City Hall for moving forward with the proposal after it was reported that the NYPD and the Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene are in talks about opening these controversial centers.


Bob Capano, a former Republican and Reform Party Brooklyn City Council Candidate who appeared on The Fox News Channel with Tucker Carlson in December, 2016 to oppose these facilities when they were first floated by the City Council stated, “Mayor de Blasio should not showcase his progressive bona fides by making us the first city in the United States to open taxpayer funded shooting galleries for heroin users. Any funds spent on this issue should be used to break the cycle of the addict’s dependency on drugs, not by taking an action that condones heroin use. These people need help, hope, and rehab. We are not helping them by sentencing them to a life of addiction. Also, how can we expect law enforcement to prosecute drug crimes if City Hall provides facilities for drug users to legally shoot up?”

In late 2016, the City Council announced an allocation of $100,000 for a study on the feasibility of opening these facilities in New York City. They would allow addicts to inject illicit drugs like heroin under medical supervision with sterile syringes in a clean setting, while taxpayers of New York pay for it.

Capano, who has been an adjunct Professor of Political Science for over 15 years, noted that there was no public release or discussion of the six-month taxpayer funded study conducted by the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. He said, “City Hall is trying to pull the wool over our eyes by moving directly from announcing a study in 2016 to talks today between city agencies about opening these facilities. Where are the results of this study? Where is the public discussion and input? The City must immediately release the study and commit to public hearings before shoving this down the throats of our communities.”

Supervised Injection Facilities do not provide the illicit drugs, so users would have to buy their ware for use from the streets. “Drug dealers are true entrepreneurs; they’ll relocate close to a Supervised Injection Facility to better serve their customer; the addict. If these centers open in neighborhoods,common sense tells you that there will be dealers setting up shop between the closest subway and the facility,” added Capano.

There are about 100 Supervised Injection Facilities around the world, mainly in Europe and Canada.

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