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Statement from City Council Candidate Bob Capano on Justin Brannan’s Sunday Rally with Dem Electeds

“Yesterday, Justin Brannan held a campaign rally with city Democratic leaders including NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, Council Members Gentile and Lander, and other district leaders. However, there was no sign of his patriarch- Mayor Bill de Blasio. As much as Mr. Brannan may try to hide Mayor de Blasio from his life during this campaign, the voters know the truth: Justin Brannan will be a mini Bill de blasio for our community.

Justin Brannan and his political clubhouse were among the first to endorse Bill de Blasio in 2013 and Justin was rewarded with a political patronage position in the Mayor’s Department of Education. In an attempt to boost his political fortunes because of the Mayor’s unpopularity in our district, and try and deceive voters, Mr. Brannan recently left his City Hall position, and now is trying to get voters to believe he is independent of Bill de Blasio. There is as much chance of Brannan standing up to de Blasio on anything as me winning the next New York City marathon- which is zero. If voters want a true independent fighter, and someone who is not taking orders from the political bosses, I urge them to vote for me on the Reform Party line on November 7th.

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