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Where’s the Study? Heroin Injection Facility Study is MIA

Capano: Is City Hall holding back study to protect de Blasio re-election bid

Bob Capano, a staunch supporter of the NYPD and the leading Republican and Reform Party candidate for the 43rd City Council District (Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach) today called on Melisssa Mark Viverito and the City Council to provide the status of a $100,000 taxpayer funded study that was to take 6 months to complete. Capano called the delay, “a stall tactic so that the voters don’t catch wind of this crazy plan before the election.”

In September, 2016 the New York City Council announced that the city would allocate $100,000 in taxpayer funds for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to conduct a 6 month study on the feasibility of opening “Supervised Injection Facilities” in New York City. These centers allow addicts to inject illicit drugs like heroin under medical supervision with sterile syringes in a safe and clean setting, while the taxpayers of New York pay for it.

To date, the administration has refused to comment on the status of the study, and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito’s office has not returned calls from Capano seeking an update.

City Council candidate Bob Capano said, “New York City voters deserve to know the status of this study; where is it and when will it be released? It’s been almost a year since the City Council allocated the funding for the study. One has to wonder if the delay in its release is merely a stall tactic so that the voters don’t catch wind of this crazy plan before the election.

“Drug dealers are true entrepreneurs; they’ll relocate close to a Supervised Injection Facility to better serve their customer; the addict. If one were to open close to 86th Street in Bay Ridge common sense tells you that there will be dealers setting up shop between the subway entrance and the facility.

“Mayor de Blasio and Council Speaker Viverito are 2 peas in a liberal pod. So it will be no surprise if the study is held back until after the November elections to avoid it becoming an issue in the race for mayor. The voters have a right to know the status of this plan and if complete, the recommendations. We have a big enough drug problems as it is, we don’t need taxpayer funded Injection Facilities appearing in our neighborhoods.

“Any funds spent on this issue should be used to break the cycle of the addict’s dependency on drugs, not by taking an action that condones heroin use. These people need help, hope, and rehab. We are not helping them by sentencing them to a life of addiction.

“Already this year, the Democrat controlled City Council, has allocated $27 million in tax dollars to pay the legal fees used to block the deportation of illegal aliens who are felons being held on Rikers Island. Now they’ve come up with an ill conceived plan to create a legal shooting gallery for heroin addicts; undermining law enforcement and putting neighborhoods at risk. We can’t turn New York City into a Sanctuary City for heroin addicts. This foolishness needs to stop and that’s why I’m running for the City Council.”


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